Stay Strong

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. I’ve been making posts on Instagram and Twitter to promote for mental health for the past couple of weeks. I figured this is as a good a time as any to share more about my struggles with mental illness. I know that I’ve touched on some of issues in a few other posts, but I’m not sure that I’ve ever admitted what it actually was.

Over a decade ago, I had a mental breakdown and a few of hospitals stays. Struggling to get an accurate diagnosis, my family realized I had a dependency on a prescription medicine resulting in a large portion of my mental struggles. After detoxing from the medicine, I was finally able to focus on my treatment for anxiety.
This humbling, difficult journey led me to understand the importance of my mental wellness. Over the years, I’ve come to accept that caring for my mental health is not a luxury but a necessity.

While dealing with anxiety, I’ve learned several things:

  • Anxiety does not make me less than. It is something I’ve struggled with, but it does not define me.
  • Anxiety impacts my whole family. I am not alone and I am not the only one that my anxiety hurts. My family and friends hurt for me. When I am struggling, it’s okay to lean on others.
  • Anxiety can be managed. My mental health is a priority and requires a change in my habits and routines.
  • Anxiety requires me to be gentle myself. When anxiety does hit, rest and replenishing is necessary for me.
  • Anxiety does not have to control my life. Choosing to be proactive with my mental wellness rather than reactive means I have to practice self-care.

Take care of your mental health. Ask for help. Take a break. Don’t be embarrassed.
I’ve journeyed from mental illness to wellness. Recovery is possible.

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  1. Wow! This was seamless and easy to go from an email notification that you tweeted something to Twitter to your blog to read all of this wonderful information about your journey and tips for dealing with anxiety. You are rocking it!

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