Roots Run Deep

YA Fantasy Series

Follow Zinn as she makes friends in the new town, Bargeston, Tennessee
while facing her past and accepting a future that involves things that myths and legends are made of.

Roots Run Deep
Book 1

Zinn’s experiencing the worst time in her life and has no hope of things getting better. But what if this time is actually full of hope. Can Zinn dare to let herself hope?

Zinn may be the new girl, but she prefers to avoid the attention it brings. Even though she’s mending the heartbreak of ending things with Bryce, Zinn begins to open herself up to new friends. Soon she realizes Drew can’t be trusted and finds it best to avoid him. Savage and his listening ear definitely have an appeal while Dawson’s aggressive attention keeps her on guard. 

New friends isn’t all that Zinn discovers in the new town. She becomes intrigued with the town legend – the Beast that has come to her rescue more than once. As she learns more about the Beast, the town, her friends, Zinn realizes that Drew’s not who she thought. Growing closer to him she gets mixed signals and believes it’s her brokenness from the past that’s keeping Drew away. Zinn’s unsure if she can trust her own judgement anymore, she’s pulled between Drew and their friendship and Dawson’s bold pursuits. Unsure what to do, Zinn finally listens to her heart and takes a chance on hope.

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N.S. Nichols

“Every story has an end but in life every ending has a beginning.”

N.S. Nichols writes coming-of-age stories with hints of romance, bits of humor, and mystery elements set in the modern-day world while bringing to life the things legends are made of. 

Touching on real life struggles, her books inspire awareness, healing, and growth through messages of faith, hope, and love. 

Her hope is her stories enrich your life and fill you with joy and peace. 

She calls the beautiful Upper Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee home where she lives with her family and an array of pets.


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