Let’s Talk

When I started writing Roots Run Deep, I had no idea what I would do anything more with the story than write and share it with my daughter and a couple of friends. As I wrote I got so enthralled with the story, the characters and the world I had created that I allowed myself to dream of publishing it. I let that dream mull in my mind, but not fully committed to it. I just knew I needed to write this story. As I got deeper into my writing and the Roots Run Deep world, it became a cathartic experience for me. After getting feedback from my daughter and my friends, that dream of publishing came back to the forefront of my mind. This story had impacted me so much, I wondered if it could speak to others as well.

My characters and their stories helped to give me a voice and encouraged me to begin sharing more about my own health journey. Now that I’ve written this story, I’m excited about this journey and especially excited to be speaking about mental health issues and trying to increase awareness for everyone, especially among teenagers.

Writing Roots Run Deep has been an answered prayer. I’m excited to be see where it goes from here. Be sure and follow my socials to get the latest updates of the publishing process.

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