The Experience

Experience what helped
me create the story of
Roots Run Deep.


Music plays a huge part in Roots Run Deep from its creation to the story itself. Zinn’s love for music is captured throughout the story from her songwriting, singing, and her emotional escape. Music also plays significance in Zinn’s connection to other characters and even helps a romance blossom. The playlist below inspired me during writing the story, the insight into the character’s minds and helped create the world of Roots Run Deep.


The story of Roots Run Deep takes place in the fictitious town of Bargeston which is located in Tennessee. To get more specific Bargeston’s location would be somewhere in Middle Tennessee. The small town feel of Bargeston was inspired by Clay County, TN and the geographical location was inspired by the Upper Cumberland area surrounding the city of Cookeville. I drew a great deal of inspiration from the hills, hollers, waterfalls, creeks and lakes that surround my hometown as well as the beautiful seasonal changes that happen throughout the year.

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