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As I’m winding down from the book release, I’m taking an inventory of my schedule and how to balance and organize myself in this new phase of life. A few years ago, when my youngest graduated high school, I decided to get my coaching certification. Coaching has been such a blessing to me. It has helped me in my own personal and professional relationships. I’ve had some wonderful clients that I’ve witnessed make significant changes after a few sessions. Coaching is a powerful tool and can help you as an individual make transformative changes in your life. While I don’t do much professional coaching now I do use my experience as a coach to weave mental and emotional health issues into my stories. I hope as a writer I can help bring awareness to mental health, normalize the conversation for mental health struggles, encourage mental health preventative care, and offer support and resources to someone suffering with mental health issues.

Here’s the thing, when I began writing the book, I wasn’t aware this is what I wanted my message to be. I just knew I wanted to write a story about a mythical creature in the real world. As I got more into the story the message became very obvious. My story would provide an example of healthy, wholesome friendships. I sought to create relatable, complex characters with real life struggles that made awarenesses along their journey. And most importantly my story needed to convey a message of faith, hope and love.

Through defining the message I wanted for my book, I found out who I am as a writer. Now that I know who I am as a writer, I know what I want to write and hopefully I am better writer for it.

The beauty of discovering who you are helps you accept, grow, and improve as a person – it’s even more spectacular when you do it on purpose.

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2 responses to “Find Out Who You Are”

  1. I’d love that! I pray God will reveal that for my life.

  2. Thanks. Seeking Him for the answers in all things.

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