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Interesting feature image, huh? It’s the promo image for my book. It is hard for me to grasp that it is just a little over a month until I publish my first novel. It has been two years since I started this and now I’m promoting the book release. I’m still in a bit of shock about it all.

The past two years I have learned so much, yet I still feel as if I know nothing. It has been an informative and exciting time and it feels like it is just beginning. Right now I am eagerly anticipating the first big step of releasing my ARC ebook. From what I understand this is a huge step in the process of marketing and promoting a book. Of course, I discovered I am late to the game of doing this before my book release of 11.17.22, but it is okay. Well, it is okay now. First I had a melt down and cried, but I am better now and have accepted that everything will be fine.

This is my first time doing this and it has been a huge learning curve and more mishaps may happen, but I am accepting the fact that it will all work out as it is suppose to. God has blessed me tremendously in the process of writing this book and I have no reason to believe He will stop now. What I have to do is continue to trust Him and allow Him to lead me in this endeavor.

I think if I have one take away from the past two years of writing this book is seeing how much God truly does care about everything we do. If I am willing to lay my burdens at His feet, He will take care of it. It doesn’t matter how big or small, He wants to carry it for me. When I remember that scriptural teaching and lean into Him during the times I feel stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, frustrated, or any other negative, then I experience His peace – every time, no matter. It all depends on me and my willingness to hand it over to Him. Sometimes it takes me a few times before I completely give it to Him but He always takes care of it.

Even with the mistake of being late with the ARC sign up, I trust that God will bless this book and me in the exact way needed.

Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you, casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:6-7

As always,

If you are interested in ARC sign up, here is more information.

Do you like modern day clean romantic stories with bits of humor, mystery elements?
Then Roots Run Deep may be for you.

I am looking for people to read an advanced reading copy (ARC) of the book and post a review on Goodreads before the release and post a review on an active Amazon account the day of the release 11.17.22. This would be an electronic copy of the novel only.

I have a limited number of spots. If you are interested you may fill out the application form.

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  1. PERFECT!!! HEWill bless you, your novel, and your readers!

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