A New Year and a Look Back

Hello to all my blogging friends and followers. I’m sure you are surprised to see a post from me. Honestly I’m surprised to be writing on my blog again. I had accepted that my blogging phase had run its course. It had served its purpose and given me the outlet and growth I needed, but today I woke up with a strong desire to write. Which is really weird because since I stopped blogging a year ago I’ve actually been writing more. That’s the main reason I’ve been away from blogging. Before I get into that let me catch you up on what else I’ve been doing.

After earning my Christian coaching certification in 2020, I started that new path and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve grown so much in my personal life and have enjoyed building relationships with others as I’ve coached them. It has been a wonderful blessing. If you want to know more about coaching, the benefits of coach, or to find a coach please reach out to me. I am happy to guide you in that journey.

So after earning my coaching certification, I was inspired to write again. For many years, I’ve had the desire to write a book. My intent has been to write a women’s bible study book about the women ancestors of Jesus that I started back in 2013. But that was not what I was inspired to write. Surprisingly the writing project I’ve been working on has been a novel. Since October 2020, I’ve been writing a novel. (This is my 2nd attempt at a novel. The first back in 2000 that’s been shelved since then.) I am so excited and happy to say that after a year of writing, I have finally completed the first draft of the book manuscript. Now I’m delving into the editing phase which from what I’m learning can be a long and arduous process in itself. My prayer is that I’m able to complete this process with the help of an editor and have it completed by the summer. Then hopefully I can continue the book series. Did I mention my book is one of a series? So that’s an interesting part and certainly not something I planned when I started the book but after the character development and backstory I realized the story needed more than one book. So I’m looking at another 2 books for sure possibly 3 that I hope to write.

So why back to blogging at least for this post? Well, it came to me that blogging doesn’t have to end just because I have some other projects going. At the beginning of my blogging journey I loved it, but by the end of it, well, it had become a burden. It was no longer the outlet for me but became another job I needed to do. So stepping away from blogging was crucial for me. I needed to let it go and see it for the blessing it was meant to be not the burden I had made it. But that’s one of my struggles, when I start something I go at it with all my might and then I burn out. The excitement takes ahold of me and I run with it rather than being still and letting God direct my steps. What I seem to do is get in my own way and turn it into something that becomes negative in my life and no longer the blessing that God gave to me.

That’s why I’m very excited to be writing this. Not because I’m going to be regularly posting and striving to build a blog of lots of followers, but because I’m not gonna do that. I’m going back to allowing my blog to serve me and hopefully anyone who reads it. You see for me blogging became a job with projects and deadlines and while that is all fine and good for many people for me it made it become very artificial and forced. I was no longer writing was God was putting on my heart but I was searching for things to say. And if you read over my blog you can even see the change. I lost the true essence of what made my blog such a healing thing for me. The ability to share what was on my heart and being real with others. Instead I fell into the trap of writing without inspiration. I put myself under a pressure cooker to write on a certain day and/or a certain topic. I no longer had God at the center of my blog. I stopped being still and waiting on Him. That’s when it became something it should’ve never been. It became very self-seeking and full of selfish ambition for me. Somewhere along the way my goal stopped being about sharing God’s message. (Which is weird to say because I was writing biblical posts.) I’m not sure I can even clearly explain what it became because I don’t really know myself, but I do know that I was not giving my writing to God. I fretted and worried about what to write. I didn’t stop, pray and trust and let God and His Spirit inspire me. I got busy with trying to make blog into something without praying to God about it. I have no doubt that is the very reason that my blogging no longer held joy for me and why I needed to walk away.

So I write this post with what I hope is a completely humble heart and want to express my thanks to anyone who has read and/or follows my blog. I want to say I am sorry that I have been away for more than a year. I want to express how truly sorry I am if any of my posts were ineffective to anyone. I hope and pray that all things I wrote God can use for His glory. I pray that He will guide my steps in future blogging endeavors and will allow this to be an outlet that can bring glory to Him and can be used to serve His will and His purpose.

Thank you for reading and thanks for sticking around as long as you have.

Who is wise and understanding among you? Let him show by good conduct that his works are done in the meekness of wisdom. But if you have bitter envy and self-seeking in your hearts, do not boast and lie against the truth. This wisdom does not descend from above, but is earthly, sensual, demonic. James 3: 13-15

Featured Image – Isaiah 30:9-10 NASB

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    1. Thank you

  1. I am excited to hear of your novel and your writings. Congratulations on your draft completion. Blessings to you Nicki.

    1. Thank you Suzette. I appreciate it

  2. You’re an inspiration, and I love you, Sister.

    1. Thank you friend.

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