What Am I Doing With My Gifts?

I’ve gotten occupied with yet another project. I’m definitely one who has diversity when it comes to interests. When my kids were younger and still in my home, it was easy to disguise my interest diversity in our homeschooling. Now without the cover of homeschooling, my eclectic nature of hobbies is more pronounced. I’m very fortunate to have an extremely supportive and encouraging husband as well as children who cheer on my latest fancy.

As I laid down last night thinking of my tendency of hobby eclecticness, I thought about the abilities and talents the Lord has given me. He has blessed me with many things that bring me enjoyment. I thought alot about the skill set I have and wondered how much of it I’m using to bless others and to bring glory to God. As I reflected on the thought, I realized it would be my prayer for this week.

This week I want to reflect on the talents, skills and abilities God has given me. I want to take time each day to thank God for a specific talent and ask God him to help me to nurture it and to guide me in how to use it to the bless others and further His kingdom.

Prayer Journal Questions/Notes Ideas– Week 11
List of my talents
What talents or skills do I want to improve or increase in my life?
Ways I can use my talents to bring glory to God
Verses that inspire me to be thankful.

“The children of Israel brought a freewill-offering unto Jehovah; every man and woman, whose heart made them willing to bring for all the work, which Jehovah had commanded to be made by Moses.” Exodus 35:29 ASV

6 responses to “What Am I Doing With My Gifts?”

  1. A beautiful connection Nicki with God’s gifts and talents he has given to each of us – and- a free will offering back to him of what we do with it. So brilliant. Thank you. Happy first week of December… the season of light. Peace to you.

  2. Hello Nicki, thank you for sharing this inspiring message about using talents and gifts from God. You are definitely right about being blessed with supportive family members. Stay safe, warm and have a wonderful day.

    1. Appreciate it Tangie. Blessings and peace.

  3. I like your message. Unfortunately, I changed settings and cleaned up my laptop so I am unable to ‘Like’ anything on WordPress. I have to figure out how to reset my Cookies permission. I also have to log in to each person’s page to comment.

    1. I figure it out by clicking on allowing cookies in the top right side of laptop. I have been ignored that alert for a couple of days. Yes! Now I hope it works on other accounts.

      1. Glad you discovered the problem and that it was an easy fix.

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