Practice the Pause

I found myself a little behind this week and was not able to post the prayer prompt on Friday. Sorry about the delay.

I want to say that I am so thankful for this prayer challenge. I am seeing more benefits than I can ever explain. Because of the prayer prompts and accountability of my blog, I am taking time to reflect on the week’s specific prayer. Taking time to answer the couple of questions posted with the week’s prayer prompt has brought an awareness to God answering my prayers that I’ve not experienced before.
If you are participating in the prayer challenge I hope that you are being blessed by the prayer prompts and are witnessing God answering your prayers. If you haven’t started the prayer challenge but would like to get join it, then join us this week. I believe you will be blessed by it.

Last week, my prayer goal was to focus on love. I prayed that I could do better to love how Christ taught me to love and follow His lead in loving others.
This past week, I am seeing the positive effects of this prayer. Focusing on loving like Christ has allowed me to be more patient and understanding in situations that normally would cause me to behave negatively. Throughout the week, I’ve noticed that I am thinking before I speak during emotional times. I’ve also experienced that I didn’t get stressed out nearly as much which is a big one for me because I have always been a worrier. I am certainly reaping many benefits from this week’s prayer prompt.

This week’s prayer prompt is inspired by a quote I read this week.
Practice the pause,
When in doubt, pause.
When angry, pause.
When tired, pause.
When stress, pause.
And when you pause, pray. 

When I read this quote, I asked myself “do I pause and pray”. If I’m being real and honest, then my answer is “no”. I don’t immediately go to God in prayer during the difficult times. My default is to look inward and focus on myself. I want my default to be that I look upward and cry out to God during all times – the good and the bad. I want my first instinct to be to pause and pray.
So for this week, my goal is to focus on practicing the pause and praying. My first intent for this week’s prayer prompt was to just have practice the pause, but I’m gonna to take it a step further. While I will try and pause and pray during times of doubt, anger, stress or any other times of struggle, I want to pray that I can identify the times I need practice the pause and pray. Along with the prayer prompt, I am setting the goal to pause everyday at a specific time to ask God to help me practice the pause and learn to look to Him.

Prayer Journal Questions/Notes – Week 4
What specific time will I pray about practicing the pause?
What are some things that has caused me to pause and pray this week?
How did pausing and praying help me?
Bible verses that encouraged me to practice the pause.

“Therefore I will look to the LORD;
I will wait for the God of my salvation;
My God will hear me.” Micah 7:7

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  1. Excellent ! Lives have been changed when people have chosen to pause and pray.
    I also like to pause, pray, and ponder. 🌻🤗

    1. Thanks. It is a powerful practice. Thanks for the kind words and encouragement

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