Improving My Prayer Life

Recently a friend asked me about my blogging and how it was going because she had not seen as many blog posts from me. The question surprised me because I have been extremely busy with writing and posting, but then it registered with me that I’m posting on my Instagram page, working on my scripture writing journal, and writing lessons for my upcoming speaking engagement for a Ladies Day in Kentucky.
While I’ve been giving more attention to Instagram posts and the scripture writing journal, I’ve not taken as much time to write blog posts. Of course, it then clicked this has impacted some of my blog followers since not all follow me on Facebook or Instagram.

If you are on Instagram or Facebook, I would love you for to follow my Instagram page and Facebook. For those who do not have an Instagram or Facebook account, I plan to be more diligent to share my Instagram posts on my blog. Since I’ve been sort of absent from blog posting, I thought I would share a recent post from Instagram.

This picture is a Prayer Box I saw at a gift exchange party. Unfortunately I did not go home with it, but I did find them at Books a Million and had to purchase one for my daughter and myself.

This is my first time using any tool for my prayer life. This cute little tin includes cards to write my prayer request. It has helped me to remember the things I want to pray about and has helped me be aware of how God is answering my prayers.
Being inspired by the 18 hours of prayer done at my home congregation in November, I decided to use this Prayer Box as a tool to implement an hour of prayer into my week. While I have missed some weeks, I have definitely benefited from this simple tool and dedicating an hour of my week to pray about the things I’ve written on the card as well as reflect on what change I’ve witnessed.

This very basic tool has helped me to be mindful to pray more. I’m learning to look to God and pray to Him more often. The short time I’ve been using this prayer box, I’ve noticed I’m more grateful, I’m trusting Him more, and I’m worrying less. It has been a real blessing to reflect on the answered prayers and to be more aware of how much God works in my life.

“From the end of the earth I will cry to You, When my heart is overwhelmed; Lead me to the rock that is higher than I.” Psam 61:2

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