Scripture Writing Journal – Coming Soon

For several months now I have tried to build better habits to improve my bible study and prayer life. I’ve put many things in place to increase time studying my bible and it has helped me be more accountable.

One of the tools I’ve used is this blog. When I began this blog, I really didn’t know what my blog would be about. Over time and with the encouragement of friends, I have found my blog’s niche. It’s become a place to help me grow in my spiritual walk and share my experiences of learning to let go and lean on God. 

Being blessed with an outlet to write and share encouragement and inspirational posts has kept me motivated in this blogging journey as well as challenge myself with bible studies. While I’ve tried to a maintain regular posting schedule, I have fallen short to keep it as regular as I would like. Regardless of the regularity of my posts, I can say that I have reaped the benefits of the studies I’ve done and sharing with my readers thoughts on my heart.

For the past year, I’ve grown in my study habits and increased in my knowledge with these studies – Women of Faith, Sing Praises, and Focus Your Heart. The past few weeks, I’ve really appreciated my latest bible study the scripture writing plan – Fruit of the Spirit. Over the next few months I hope to add more scripture writing studies to my blog. At the request of a friend I am currently working on a scripture writing journal for the Fruit of the Spirit that hopefully will be available for purchase. I hope to have the journal ready sometime in February.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the Fruit of the Spirit journals, send me a message.

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