30 Days of Thanks – Day 17

This weekend, my daughter Cecily had gotten sick. She and her husband Parker were headed out of town to visit their newborn niece, but unfortunately Cecily got sick on the 5 hour trip. Concerned it might be the flu they decided it best to return home. We were keeping their dogs so they had to drop by our house to get them. I could immediately tell Cecily was not feeling well. Of course this concerned me, but what comforted me was what I noticed about Parker. While I know he was disappointed, he didn’t show it. Instead he was calm and showed care and concern for Cecily.

This made my heart happy to see his concern for Cecily. I knew that he would do his best to take care of Cecily while she’s not feeling well. It’s moments like this that I am extremely thankful that God brought Parker into our lives. Not only is he a good husband to my daughter, but he’s good to Colton, Joe and me. What I am most thankful for is his love for the Lord and his willingness to serve others as a part time college-age minister and song leader.

It brings me joy to see him and Cecily working together for the cause of Christ.

As I’ve mentioned in a post before, Cecily and Parker complement each other and it’s obvious the love and mutual respect they have for each other. One thing I know and am very thankful for is that I know Parker will take care of Cecily. Today I give thanks for Parker, whom I consider more as a 2nd son than a son-in-law. I am very grateful that God saw fit to bring him into Cecily’s life and add him to our family.

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.” 3 John 1:4

I must say that I give much credit to Parker’s parents, Jeff and Jenni for raising their son to be such a good husband to Cecily. I also appreciate how they have embraced Cecily as one of their own and for the love they give her.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your family with us

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