Have You Seen Jesus?

Finally I am continuing with the Sing Praises posts. I’ve made the decision to commit every Friday to post a song discussion until the list is completed. So be sure and check out the newest song post each Friday.

Please enjoy guest blogger, Lisa West for today’s song discussion. Thank you Lisa for your insight and reminder of the beauty of this song.

My love for this song and its deep meaning came when I was a teenager.  At 16 years old, I was one of 4 young people chosen by our youth minister to go on a mission trip to Oregon.  We took a northern route there, then down the California coast to a southern route home.  We were in California one Sunday and had our morning worship service listening to the Pacific Ocean waves crashing against the rocks on the shore.  We sang this song that day. 

After my husband and I married, we began hiking.  While we have been blessed to hike in many beautiful places, there is non on earth as beautiful as Myrtle Point, on Mt. Leconte, in the Smoky Mountains.  I feel so close to God when surrounded by the nature He made.  Which brings me back to this song. 

Have you ever stood at the ocean 
With the white foam at your feet
Felt the endless thundering motion?
Then I say...you've seen Jesus my LORD
Have you ever looked at the sunset 
With the sky mellowin' red
Seen clouds suspended like feathers?
Then I say...you've seen Jesus my LORD

When you look at the beauty of the ocean, small the salt air, hear the thunderous roar of the waves, how can we say there is no God?  We read the creation of the earth in Genesis 1:1-25.

Have you ever stood in the family 
With the LORD there in your midst,
Seen the face of Christ on each other?
Then I say...you've seen Jesus my LORD

This reminds me of when my children were baptized.  The look on their faces when they came up out of the water still gives me chill bumps.  Seeing Christ on their faces.  Once we are buried in baptism we are raised in a new life as a child of God.  Romans 6:3-4.

Have you ever looked at the cross 
With a man hangin' in pain
Seen the look of love in His eyes?
Then I say...you've seen Jesus my LORD

When we partake of the Lord’s Supper instituted by our Lord in Matthew 26:26-28, as commanded in Acts 20:7, upon the first day of the week, we can reflect on how God sent His only Son.  Jesus willingly went, to die for our sins on the cross.  The cross, a very painful way to die because He loves us so much.  John 3:16 God loves us that much!

CHORUS Have you seen Jesus my LORD? 
He's here in plain view
Take a look. open your eyes
He'll show it to you

So the next time you hear a bird chirp, or a baby cry, or the smell of the rain coming in, or touch dirt between your fingers.  The next time you taste a juice tomato, or a ripe peach just picked, or see a beautiful sunrise or a mountain rising up, then you’ve seen God, because He’s here in plain view, just look around. 

Thanks again to Lisa for a great post.

Lots of love and blessings to you and yours.

Next Friday join me for a discussion about the song Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross

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  1. Thank-you for sharing this beautiful post. We live on the ocean. The waves constantly remind us of God’s power. And since God is sovereign, he directs the waves. And today, there is no wave movement here. Thanks to our powerful and loving God.

  2. The ocean is amazing and this awesome post also reminds me of God’s power we read in Matthew 8:23-27, Jesus calms the sea. Great job Lisa West.

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