Lois and Eunice – Women of Faith

The discussion comes from the 2nd of Paul’s letters to Timothy. The passage we read today references the faith of two women a grandmother named Lois and mother named Eunice. These two women were not referred to in any other fashion except in this verse in 2 Timothy 1:5, but what a powerhouse of a statement.

For I am mindful of the sincere faith within you, which first dwelt in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice, and I am sure that it is in you as well.’ 2 Timothy 1:5

This little statement emphasizes the important role a mother has in her children’s lives. This verse may be short and simple, but I believe it offers a wealth of information on the need for faithful mothers in the church.

Lois and Eunice were the grandmother and mother to the disciple Timothy. Paul admired both of them for their faith and that they instilled this same faith in Timothy. In Acts, we learn that it was Timothy’s mother that was the believer. ‘Paul came also to Derbe and to Lystra. And a disciple was there, named Timothy, the son of a Jewish woman who was a believer, but his father was a Greek,’ Acts 16:1. Paul understood that Timothy’s faith was instilled in him by the teaching and example of the matriarchs in his life.

I have a great appreciation for this verse because I understand the importance a mother can have on your spiritual life. I am so thankful for a spiritually minded mother who taught me scriptures, pointed me to God, and prayed for me. She instilled in me a love for the Lord. She taught me the importance of teaching my children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. She continues to be an example to me and my children as a grandmother and for this I am forever grateful.

Lois and Eunice’s small mention in the scriptures does not minimize the power of their example or lessen their placement in the women of faith. As a grandmother and mother, they taught Timothy to fear and respect God. Teaching the young Timothy, they couldn’t have known the profound effects that would have. But we know! Timothy became a respected disciple, a close friend to the apostle Paul, teacher of the gospel, and a missionary. What an impact these two women made on the kingdom of God! May we as women remember the potential power of our influence.

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  1. Great story; we need more mothers and grandmothers like these ladies teaching the word of God.

    1. Nicki Nichols Avatar
      Nicki Nichols

      Thanks Tangie. You are so right. Mothers and grandmothers have way more influence than they ever know.

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